Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Annual Advent-ure

It’s December already! Here we go then. This is the third year I have been doing this so I guess it can be called a tradition now. A post a day from now until Christmas. This year every record posted will be something I have acquired this year, mostly at car boot sales or charity shops. In truth, the majority of records I pick up in such places don’t fall into the soul/funk/jazz/reggae category, but many are worth sharing, so this year I am going to alternate the daily posts between Feel It and my, to date, very occasional other blog The Hi-Fi Cabinet Of Curiosities. So you will find the usual brew here and “everything/anything else” in the Cabinet.

First up is Jess(i)e Anderson on his True Love Express. This one was actually a mailbox find.  Chess and Cadet 45s can suffer more than most from poor pressings but this one is a really good quality one, and nice and thick vinyl too.

I can find no really concrete information on Jess(i)e other than he started singing in a group called Willie Wright & His Sparklers – great name.

Chicago again! File under stone groove.

All aboard the Feel It Advent-ure.

(PS: sorry about the fuzzy picture).



george said...

Quality. The track, that is, the picture is terrible.

Darcy said...


drew said...

Jesus, that is good after a hard day and a long drive down from Aberdeen. Thanks once again Darcy!

Marc said...

Thank you for this!I have been checking some of his other recordings.
I 'd love to hear 'You're only a woman'.
Keep up the good work.Thanks again.

Marc said...

Any chance for an upload of the B-side?

TIA and best wishes