Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 2013 Advent-ure #19

I’m not sure where I stand with Tania Maria. One problem is that I don’t speak Portuguese and more often than she sings in her native tongue on her records. As well is her tendency to go over the top with the scatting, at least to my mind.

That said every time I see a Tania Maria album I buy it. I like the Brazilian feel of her compositions, there tends to be a complex interplay between rhythm and melody, and many twists and turns. There is also, usually, at least one “killer” cut.

I picked up a copy of her 1978 outing “Brazil With My Soul” at a booter earlier this year and it was initially true to my expectations. I was a little disappointed, the vocals and scatting are much in evidence, but there were a couple of tracks that made me say “yes!”.  Since then I have given it a couple more plays and this has made me realise that her compositions are complex and therefore you do have to give them a chance. The more I listen the more I hear the more I like. Still struggle with the vocals though at times!

Side 2 really winds up the pace on the last two tracks. The first is instrumental  and to me qualifies as the “killer cut” with some great piano work from Tania, the other has Tania vocalising and… I like it too!

Although it has been released on CD I can’t find “Brazil With My Soul” currently available. It is available as an mp3 download though (which should improve on my slightly crackly copies!). 

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Henri Tournyol du Clos said...

The CD is also streamable(at least in France) on Spotify.