Friday, November 29, 2013

A rarity in more ways than one

This one arrived at chez Feel It last week in the same package as last week's offering. This is the B-side. I had bought it for the A-side so turning it over and playing this was a big bonus. A lovely slice of late Sixties Chicago (although actually I suppose it hasn't strictly got the classic Chicago sound), it was the Bamboo label's debut release, and being a solid green label I think makes it a regional first issue. 

As far as I can ascertain this was Sylvia Thomas' only appearance on wax. A pity.

You can listen to a very well executed extended edit of the A-side over on YouTube. (The track on the 45 only runs to about 3:30). 

As for "At Last" it's not on YouTube - which makes it something of a rarity in more ways than one!

Sylvia Thomas - At Last 1968  



george said...

Absolutely tremendous.

drew said...

Damn fine tune Darcy

John said...

A side on Sir Shambling:

Darcy said...

George, Drew: thought you would like this one.

John: Yes I should have mentioned that, although in this instance I actually wasn't prompted to seek this 45 out by that entry.