Friday, November 22, 2013

See what I go through to bring you these sounds?

This 45 represents a third of the contents of a little package that dropped through the letterbox today and made its way onto my turntable in double quick time. Too quick in fact. I hadn’t noticed the record was covered in a sort of vaguely sticky film (for want of a better description). The record wasn’t playing well at all. The subsequent record didn’t play well either. I whipped the stylus off and put it under the magnifying glass. Where was the stylus? Encased in that great wadge of gunk (I hoped). After a careful bit of stroking with a small paintbrush the gunk was removed and the stylus was revealed again. Out with the magic fluid and Jeannie was given a good clean and polish. Back to the turntable, stylus returned to the cartridge, “needle to the record” and ..… no sound coming out of one channel. Putting the stylus back on had disturbed the cartridge connections (which have been giving me a bit of trouble lately). Some fiddling and prodding ensued and finally I managed to play this 45 with no distortion, and out of both channels.

I understand there may be easier ways to listen to music nowadays!

I can find virtually no information on Jeannie Piersol . She had two releases on Cadet Concept, a sister label to Cadet which featured Rock and 'more adventurous' music, (and Rotary Connection).  I have only just realised it was also the US label home of Status Quo in the late Sixties – Pictures Of Matchstick Men was the second release on the label, Rotary Connection having the first (of course).

The writing credit on this track is Darby Slick. Darby’s sister was Grace Slick. Darby and Grace were both founding members of the San Fransisco based rock band The Great! Society!! in the mid Sixties and it seems that Jean Piersol was also a vocalist with that band for a short period in 1965. That’s as much as I have been able to find out.    

Time to push the furniture to the edges of the room again.


drew said...

There may be easier ways to listen to music these days Darcy but notmwithoutmtheir own problems, the hard drive went on my laptop today!

drew said...

That was typed with fat fingers on the work iPad bet you couldn't tell