Monday, July 15, 2013

A flake with that sir?....

… Sorry, can you speak up, or turn Greensleeves down!

It’s summer - really! - sunshine and warm evenings and everything.... including the Government silly season. Keen to cash in on the good weather (and an ‘historic’ British sporting achievement), first our esteemed leader suggests Andy Murray should be knighted (really?), and then the powers that be come up with a seasonal, headline friendly, law amendment: ice cream vans can now play their music for a whole 12 seconds rather than the miserly 4 seconds that was currently allowed; except it won’t come into effect until later this year i.e. after the summer is over. Doh! Thinking about it I can’t remember hearing an ice cream van’s delicate(?) chimes at all this year. The first year ever for me, I reckon.

Picked up fair haul of 45s at the car booters today. A seller was impressed at my dedication as I proceeded to appraise every single, er, single in the box he had for sale. A right old rag bag was in the box, but I was pleased to find, among some other bits, no less than three Rolf Harris Stylophone singles complete with booklet. A fair few of the singles were sleeveless and after a while the seller said I could have all of those for nothing as they probably would be too scratched to play. Thankyou very much said I. On getting them home I can say that most of them play OK and with a bit of a polish will be perfectly serviceable, and there are a few little nuggets in amongst them too.

This was one of the sleeveless ones, quite catchy I think, and perfect for the weather we are enjoying.:

By way of a bonus (a flake, if you will) here is a short video snippet of the sun reflecting off the record as it spun round:       

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