Friday, August 05, 2011

Back again.. and still beside myself

Wow! What happened there? I went offline for a whole month. No real reason for it. A few weekends away, work took me away for few more days, more time outdoors enjoying the (sort of) summer we’re having,  and I before I knew it I just generally seemed to lose the urge to blog.

So, how do you do this bloggery thing? Excuse me while I gently work my way back into the groove.

Before the unexpected break I was on the B side tip. And I hadn’t finished, so here is another one.

Jean Battle is just one of the many – i.e a great soul singer and virtually unknown. As far as I can tell Jean only made it to vinyl on two occasions. All the songs on her two 45s were written by the one and only Sam Dees -  a sure sign of quality.   This track was the B side of her outing on Red Lite, the A side being “Love Making” (which you can find on YouTube, and the 45 itself is also easy to pick up) . 

Jean Battle – When A Woman Loves A Man  1972?

(NOTE: link should work now)


John said...

Hi, good to see you're back - btw I don't think the link works.

Darcy said...

Thanks for that John. So rusty I can't even add the links properly! Link should be ok now.

dj nyc said...

Beautiful soul ballad, she sounds a little like Gladys Knight. Thanks for sharing. :)
dj ny