Friday, July 08, 2011

Beside myself : A Friday shimmy

Wow! Where did that last week and a half go? Nothing exciting to report but I’ve been neglecting things here. As much time as usual seems to have been spent on researching things on the Internet,  but this time it’s not been music related but boring things such as how to fix a couple of electrical related problems on one of our cars. Yes, I know, yawn!

Back to the music – and another B side.

The Royalettes were a fine girl group from the Sixties, but seemed to operate mostly under the radar.

Their biggest hit (I think) was “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle” in 1965. That release would have been on the black MGM label. Here’s the B side of my copy which, being a blue and gold label means it must be a second issue and probably dates it to around 1968.

And you can see them perform this number in their shimmy dresses too:


davyh said...

That clip is brilliant. They look like girls performing at their (under-rehearsed) High School Prom.

I mean this as a compliment(amateurs rule).

mike_hunkin said...

One of my favourites from way back then, it got a British release on the lovely yellow and black MGM label.

Ravel said...

I don't comment often by here I am, saying hello! I enjoy yr posts very much! Thanks!