Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Cornish haul

Just back from a week in Cornwall. It felt like October rather than August most of the time but at least we managed to dodge most of the rain.

It seems like we inevitably end up in a jewellery shop when we are on holiday and, it being our 25th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, this Cornish interlude ran true to form. So it is that I find my wallet is a good deal lighter following the furnishing of one of Mrs Darce's fingers.

And what have I come back with? £8.50 worth of vinyl from no less than three car boot sale visits. I'm easily pleased!

The £8.50 secured me no less than eight LPs, a 12" single, and eight 45s. Everything from funk (early Commodores), to jazz vocals (Dinah Washington), to Japanese Metal (Anthem), to reggae (Big Dread), to Cornish folk (Brenda Wootton and John The Fish with their album "Pasties & Cream"- I got two copies, am I mad?!), and most points in between including, of course, a bit of soul and r&b.    

These two 45s are probably the pick of the bunch:

Clarence Reid - Winter Man 1974

Clarence Reid's "Winter Man" is the B side to "Funky Party" (on which I'm sure I detect Little Beaver on guitar) and it has a beautiful feel to it.  

Ray Charles & His Orchestra - I Don't Need No Doctor 1966

I wasn't familiar with Ray Charles's "I Don't Need No Doctor". But with Ray on the vocals and the names of Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson, and Jo Armstead on writing credits I knew I couldn't go wrong. Having now researched it a bit I see an original copy is quite sought after, however the lack of any colour in the ABC logo on the label tells me my newly acquired copy is probably a re-press, but who cares.
(It was somehow appropriate that I found a Nick Ashford penned song the day after I read of his passing, albeit not the most appropriate of song titles. RIP Nick).


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ana-b said...

"Winter Man" is superb...imho, much much nicer than the flip.