Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turning to page 94...

... they don't make them like this anymore.

More's the pity.

Put the titles of each side Otis Leavill's first outing on Dakar in 1969 together and they read as one simple statement: I love you, I need you. Sometimes less is more.

Somebody at Atlantic in the UK realised how great this record was because it got two releases, initially in 1970, and again on the the turquoise and orange label in 1972 (shame they couldn't get his name right). I bet it didn't sell many copies on either occasion.

This is the B side (the B side!). I haven't been able to stop playing this today.

Chicago again.


(Continued on page 168.)

Otis Leavill - I Need You 1969


Holly said...

This song was just covered by Mayer Hawthorne. Original, of course, is better. Thank you!

Darcy said...

There you are - so caught up in the past I didn't know Mayer had covered it. Will give it a few days to get over my obsession with the original and then go and listen.

ally. said...

and we were just having a bit of a love uprising over at the 99p soul farcebook page too. he sure can do it can otis can't he