Monday, January 31, 2011

Parish Notices #12

Three weeks ago I asked the question who was the female singer duetting with OV Wright on one of his Backbeat releases. 

Well, it is possible I have answered my own question. A few days ago I was browsing through an old Blues & Soul magazine (as you do). Issue 158 from April 1975 to be precise. (I did have a reason - it includes an article on Bessie Banks who may just be the subject of a post  here in the near future, I'm waiting on the postman). In the magazine there was an article on OV Wright in Frank Elson's "Checkin' it Out" section. The article was written by Derek Howe, who back in '75 was "Singles Manager and Assistant in Charge of Soul Music at Manchester's HMV shop", and was an excellent run through of OV Wright's, then, career to date. (At the end of the article Derek sent thanks to Chris Savory of Hot Buttered Soul for help with it).

In the article in the section listing Wright's Backbeat releases Derek states: ""Poor Boy" was followed by an excellent ballad "Gone For Good" the B side of which "How Long Baby" featured a duet with his wife (Emily?)." 
So is this the mystery solved?! I notice a question mark appeared in the statement but appears to be merely questioning the name of the lady not that it was Wright's wife that was singing. At there is a comment from an old friend - Johnny Rawls - that confirms that Emily was OV's first wife's name. So perhaps the question is answered. It of course opens up another question: did Emily appear on any other recordings, either solo, or perhaps as part of a group or backing group?

In my original post I put forward a number of possibilities for the identity of the singer that it now seems was one Emily Wright. One of the possibilities was Vi Campbell. By coincidence (I do love them) the day after I found the OV Wright article I was at a a record fair and came across a copy of Vi's "Seven Doors" and, of course, I had to buy it. So here it is:

Vi Campbell - Seven Doors 1966


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