Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's go dancing

If you were in your teens/20s/30s in the 70s the chances are you will know the name Retta Young. In the UK she is one of those artists who holds the dubious honour of being a one hit wonder. Her only UK release "Sending Out An SOS" hit the pop charts in 1975. In the US she had 3 45s released and a solitary album "Young And Restless". Both sides of the 45 here were taken from that album (I am a bit confused by the date on this single - 1978 - as her album was released in 1976). Were the album versions different, and these tracks a Larry Levan remix I wonder?  

This single was the last to be issued on Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum label. The demise of that label might explain why we never heard any more from Retta Young. I can find absolutely zero information on her. Her star burned bright very very briefly it would seem, and that's a pity because she had a lovely voice and judging by this single and "SOS" her output was of the highest quality.

This might be classed as Disco, but it is Disco at its sophisticated and mellow best.

A belter of a 45.

Retta Young - My Man Is On His Way 1976

Retta Young - Really Really 1976


mike_hunkin said...

A couple of lovely tracks. "My Man Is On His Way" almost certainly got a Levan remix in '78, I've got the 12" & the 7", but can't check with the original LP because it's too expensive, I've bid on a few but always lose out. Her "You Beat Me To The Punch" is also worth tracking down if you don't have it.

I can add a little to Retta Young's story. Her full name is Henrietta Young and she was married to Al Goodman of the Moments, until his death last year. She was also, briefly, in the Superbs who recorded for Paul Kyser, I don't know what songs she is on though.

Darcy said...

Many thanks for the info Mike!

Just after I posted this some more googling led me to a rip of the album. The album version of "My Man" is different (longer, with a great guitar break, bit more of a laid back feel, good but overall I prefer the Levan mix). "Really" is the same as the 45 I think. On first listening the other tracks are not anywhere near as strong, but haven't given it a real chance yet. You can find it here:

Anonymous said...

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Best wishes, Marie

Darcy said...

Thanks Marie. I signed in then clicked away accidentally and Blogger wouldn't let me back in. These invite only thingys seem to be a bit restrictive. Thanks for the opportunity, but I fluffed it!