Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Keeping warm

Hey, we’re not used to all this snow in UK, especially in November. Haven’t got much dahn souf yet if truth be told, but it sure is cold! The cold is getting to everything it seems.The internet connection has been a bit flaky tonight (again). More worrying though is the turntable which is once again dropping a channel now and then – dodgy cartridge connections I think. I think it may have to go to the repair man soon. Oh no! Can I live without vinyl? (Well, I can always look at it, and caress it, I suppose).  
I dug Barrabas’ 1974 album out of my collection earlier this year (or was it last year) and copied it onto CD. It’s been getting a lot of plays in the car recently. I remember having a soft spot for it back in the 70s but it had been tucked away unplayed for years. I’ve decided it’s something of a forgotten classic, and it certainly kept me warm on the trip into work today (I wimped out and left the bike in the shed).

The front cover of this album gives The Dramatics "Dramatically Yours" a run for its money in the grotesque and disturbing stakes, so I thought I would show the back cover instead which, incidentally, shows that The Waters provided the  beautiful background vocals on this album. Barrabas' sound had some similarities with that of Santana's. But whereas Santana always had a foot firmly planted in rock territory, Barrabas had a much funkier and soulful vibe, which was further emphasised by The Waters on this album.        

Barrabas – Funky Baby 1974

Barrabas – Lady Love 1974      

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