Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Holidays have come early

Derek’s Daily 45 has just featured a single by The Holidays on the strikingly colourful Revilot label. Revilot is one of my favourite label designs, and The Holidays are a great example of the Detroit sound.

So in an attempt to fill up your blogrolls with pictures of that great Revilot label here’s another one from The Holidays. This 45 was released only about 9 months after the one featured by Derek.

This is another 45 I took as commission for selling some of a work colleague’s records recently. The label on this 45 is absolutely pristine (as is the vinyl)  and it’s difficult to believe the record is 43 years old.  

You can read much more about The Holidays here.

The Holidays – I Know She Cares (mp3) 1967


Ophelia said...

This track is awesome, but that artwork is great, too! Gotta love the sixties :) It's hard to believe, my mom was hardly in school when they pressed that 45 - what good condition!

ana-b said...

Very nice counterpoint to Derek's post...and yeah my eye definitely got caught up in the double dose of psychedelia.

@Ophelia, you're Mrs. Hunter's daughter?

Darcy said...

Hey wot's this? A Detroit record has sparked a NOLA drop in! :)

PS Ophelia: I like Suave

Anonymous said...

I can never get enough of this group. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome Guy said...

Old is Gold