Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh my daze!

Thought I better leave you with something to keep you going for the next few days. Mrs Darce and I will be packing our cabin bags tomorrow night in readiness for a long weekend trip to Prague with a couple of friends. Yes, it’s city break time again.

Today’s (not so) little gem is another reminder that you should ALWAYs turn the record over and play the B side. Furthermore, you should ALWAYS play it all the way through.

A couple of years ago (actually, three and a half!) I wrote about a box of records that a work colleague let me borrow to listen to. Recently we agreed that I would sell them for him on ebay, and that is what I am sort of in the middle of doing now. My commission for all the donkey work will be in the form of a few of the records in the box.

Much as I like the A side of this 45 – “What Can I Do” - I had initially decided that this would be one to be sold. Then I turned it over and played the B side. Now it’s a definite keeper!

You can read a whole lot about Clarence Lewis (for that is his real name) over at Sir Shambling, where you can also hear the A side of this record.

Sir Shambling dates this to 1971. Track times on 45s had broken through the three minute barrier by then, but one clocking in at five minutes plus (30 seconds longer than the time quoted on the label) was still a rarity – especially on a soul record.

The first time I borrowed this box of records I’m betting this is one B side I didn’t play, or if I did I, didn’t play it through because it certainly didn’t live in the memory. It starts off with an almost cheesy feel, and there is a touch of Scott Walker about it I think. But stick with it and at about three minutes in it vamps into something quite stunning, and Clarence lets loose and becomes an altogether different and downright soulful singer. I love it.

Note Mr Quezergue's name in the credits - always a sign of quality.

C L Blast – I’m In A Daze  (1971)  

PS: I removed all links and images from a post that was the subject of a recent takedown request and republished only for it to be taken down again. Go figure! I could be skating on thin ice. 


ana-b said...

While Mr. Q is known for his horn charts, I for one always listen up when he pulls out the strings.

Jean Knights, "Think It Over" is another good example of one his productions which starts out sounding sappy and ends being breath taking.

ana-b said...

Now that I think about it, this song and the Jean Knight tune were recorded about the same time. "Think It Over clocks in at about 5 minutes also.

Darcy said...

Good point about Mr Q ana-b.

Thanks for pointing me at that Jean Knight tune too. Never heard it before but managed to find it on a blog today.

Now I really must finish packing!

Tennis Man said...

Thanks For sharing Buddy