Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Still scratching

In my ever more obsessive search for lost soul gold dust I am sometimes guilty of overlooking the obvious. Tavares are a case in point. I loved their hits – e.g. “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel”, “It Only Takes A Minute” – but that was the problem: I knew the hits, thought that was all there was, and passed them by. Then, recently, I stumbled across Mrs Darce’s old cassette of their album “Hard Core Poetry” and that woke me up. Now I’m always on the look out for Tavares records.  

Following on from my previous post that talked about scratched records that sounded OK from the same haul here is the record that looked the mintiest of the bunch but in fact sounds pretty beat up.

I won’t expose you to the pops and clicks but instead point you to Youtube for two of the four tracks on this EP. (Squeezing four tracks on a 7” is probably not a good idea and is partly why the sound quality suffered, I guess).  

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Raggedy said...

What you said is so true; all too often we don't bother listening to any other material of an artist because we think their hits are the best the actually have to offer. Thanks for the hint; I'll check out that album.