Friday, February 05, 2010

Sixteen reasons to be cheerful

It must be the time of year - words have deserted me. But the good news is my turntable hasn’t, and it’s the music you drop in for anyway I’m sure.

The turntable arm has been getting plenty of exercise lately. The Margie Joseph 45 featured last time came in a batch of eight 45s that arrived recently, and that was the second batch of eight that I have purchased from the same source recently. All sixteen singles proved great value for money in my book. They were found through some judicious web digging, which I know isn’t quite the same as actually going out and getting your fingers dusty but, hey, be honest, the chances of me ever having come across even a few of these “in the field” in the UK were remote. So I take my pleasure where I can.

I might just feature all sixteen of these singles here over the next few weeks.

Well, I managed a few words after all.

But now it’s time for the music. Here’s the wonderful Ann Sexton from 1972. Another great double header - one side funky and some, the other side full of soul.

Ann Sexton - I Still Love You 1972

Ann Sexton - Come Back Home (I Know I Did You Wrong) 1972

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davy h said...

Very nice. Batches of eight! Batches of eight! etc