Friday, February 12, 2010

Such a great record

I was at a record fair last weekend and one of the dealers played this. “Such a great record” I think I said, and the dealer (who I am sure was much more familiar with the record than me) was quick to agree.

(Coincidentally at the time I was holding – caressing? – the Gloria Scott album, wondering whether or not I could run to the asking price. I couldn’t).

And another coincidence - it just so happens that this was also one of my recent “sixteen” purchases that I said I would post up over the next few weeks.

Although this was a R&B No.1 in '66 why this is not now generally recognised as one of THE greatest soul records of all time, and Freddie as one of THE greatest soul singers, beats me.

Freddie Scott – Are You Lonely For Me 1966

Freddie Scott - Where Were You 1966

This CD is the perfect place to start with Freddie Scott, though a tad expensive and difficult to find nowadays.


Alejandro said...

I love this record. Both sides are amazing. A/B double killer. Also one of my faves.

ana-b said...

I'm constantly shocked by the number of records I haven't heard before. While I'm familiar with Where Were You, and both Otis Redding's and Al Green's versions of Are You Lonely For Me...I don't think I've ever heard, or possibly didn't pay attention to, Scott's version of the song.

Certainly I didn't own a copy [digital or otherwise] until now. Thanks.

Now I gotta find the 45, right?


Darcy said...

ana-b: that's the way it goes. I've got a lot of catching up to do with Freddie Scott too.