Thursday, January 28, 2010

Margie Margie

No words this time so I better make the sounds good.

Here’s a great double header single from Margie Joseph that dropped through my letter box recently.

Note Darryl Carter's name in the credits - always a sure fire sign of quality.

Margie Joseph – Punish Me 1970

Margie Joseph – Sweeter Tomorrow 1970

From the LP “Makes A New Impression”.

(For another great Margie Joseph track check out a recent podcast mix thingy from the always excellent Paris DJs - “Who Is Molesting Laura – part 17”)


davy h said...

Lovely Darce, just lovely.

Raggedy said...

Do you know whether F. Briggs is Freddie Briggs maybe? He might be the husband of the wonderful Kimberly Briggs (aka Kim Tolliver.) I am almost sure of it ...

Darcy said...

You're right Raggedy. I knew in the back of my mind there was a story behind Fred Briggs but didn't have time to research it.

Google led me straight to Sir Shambling who(as usual) comes up trumps and even mentions this very record.

One day I might manage to read every page on the SS site, Fred Briggs was one of those I hadn't read until now (and "Sound Off" is great).

Also, Dale Warren, also credited on this record, is another name that gets me interested in a record. Eg the arrangement he did on Roszetta Johnson's "Who You Going To Love" is a cracker.

whiteray said...

Another nice one, Darcy. By the way, I moved again. I'm at now.