Sunday, December 27, 2009

Only toffees left

Blink and you miss it. Belated Christmas greetings to you all.

Nursing a sprained ankle after falling off the Wii balance board (and it was only the slalom repechage!)?

Forgotten that you all left Great Auntie Dora having a nap in the conservatory at six o’clock last night?

Regretting eating yet another turkey and pickle sandwich, six (count them) pigs blankets, the last helping of Christmas pud, half a block of dark and intense chocolate infused with ginger, a wedge of stilton, half a bowl of olives, and a fistful of chocolate raisins, all washed down with a (rather too) large port - just before you went to bed?

Only toffees left in the Quality Street tin?

It’s enough to make you want to…

Morning, Noon & Night - Bite Your Granny (mp3) 1977

But seriously folks, I hope you had a good one. We did. Except for the toffees (because that is surely a universal truth) none of the above applied to us, and I hope they don’t to you and yours.


Raggedy said...

Well ... thanks for this enlivening tune. I really do appreciate it; will be added to my New Years Eve dance compilation. lol

Darcy said...

Raggedy: Er... by the tone of your comment I wonder if maybe you are a granny? (I could have really put my foot in it here!). Of course, it's quite feasible I could be a grandpa, though it happens I'm not (yet). Good friends of ours have just announced they will be, though, in a few months time. The first in our circle of friends I think. It seems kind of strange as in most ways we all still feel so young. Time flies, as they say.

Raggedy said...

No, I am not a granny ... haven't even made it into the ranks of a parent. But -- I just have a hard time eating all the good stuff and exercising to keep the weight down. I am tired of the holidays, in short! lol Your music really gave me an energy boost.
Congrats to your grandparents-to-be friends: A new baby in the family is such a wonderful thing!

davy h said...

I went for the toffees first when I was 10 and there were never any left. Now I prefer those coconutty blue ones, and though I have a ten year old she seems not to be a toffee kinda girl, and so the Universal Truth is ours also. What's your position re. the green triangles?