Friday, December 18, 2009

Chicago, Chicago

From the sound of Chicago c2009 to the sound of Chicago c1971.

Something uplifting for a Friday night.

Otis Leavill - I'm So Jealous (mp3) 1971


Baby Grandpa said...

Hello Darcy,

Thanks for the comments on my blog. And hey! I still ain't in your blogroll! ;-)

When it comes to the Dee Edwards, you might want to check out this link:

Not sure if you can down it there, but you certainly can listen to it and I managed to grab it off there with a simple plugin for Mozilla!



Baby Grandpa said...

Woops!! Forgive me Darcy, just saw that I'm in the list of *NEW* blogs on your blogroll! ;-)

Guess I jumped to conclusions a bit too fast!

Hope you enjoy the Dee Edwards!



Darcy said...

No probs. I'm thinking of rearranging my blogroll in some way soon. So it may move around a bit but I will try not to lose it! :)

I saw Colin's Dee Edwards post after I found the track on YouTube. I referenced it in this post: which also links back to another post which documents the moment I found it on YouTube.

I use Freecorder to record streamed music from any source into an mp3 file. It works well for me.

Raggedy said...

((Darcy)) thanks again for your support -- and for adding me to your Twelve Roses!
Also, Otis Leavil is another one in the list of Otises who can sing: Otis Redding,Otis Clay, Otis Leavil.

Merry Christmas to you! And many thanks for the music you share so generously.
(Btw. I'm going to post the Temptations "Memories" for those who don't have it yet.)

davy h said...

Merry Christmas Darce - here's to a soulful Christmas to you & yours, yeah baby x