Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A coincidence worthy of a post

This post is really a reply to Raggedy and DavyH who both commented on my previous post.

I sort of owe Raggedy an apology for wondering if she was a granny! (She isn’t). I know you are partial to sweet soul Raggedy, and today I was thinking I should send you an mp3 of a single by Tomorrow’s Promise (that I knew I had featured many posts ago) because I felt sure you would like it.

Then DavyH took up the Quality Street theme and asked me where I stood on the QS chocolate known as the green triangle (because, er, it is). The perfect answer to that question would be to link Davy back to an old post of mine I remembered called “A Green Triangle”. When I located the post I found that the music it featured was – yes, you guessed it – the Tomorrow’s Promise single!

And the post was written soon after the Christmas celebrations (of 2006), so a triple coincidence!

So, for my complete response to your recent comments Raggedy and DavyH, you should go here.

(Of course everybody else is welcome to follow that link too).


davyh said...

And so Mr C! Once again The Green Triangle works its mystic magic! What a shame you could not stay for dinner! (we had After Eights an all).

davyh said...

PS: The record's lovely - if a little, well yes, Slow Jams Capri outside Essex nitespot Campari & Soda x

Raggedy said...

No need to apologize ... And yes, that's my kind of soul music. This is a very beautiful falsetto voice that reminds me of Eddie Kendrick's and his successor Damon Harris.
Once the holidays and the partying are over, I will see whether I can find out a little more about this singer. I just hate to see such artists disappear without a trace.
Thanks for the post, ((Darcy)).

Darcy said...

We made great progress with the tin of chocolate biscuits AND the box of Ferrero Rocher tonight. There is life after green triangles.

In case I don't post on NYE (being as it's my burfday an' all) I wish you both and yours all a Happy New Year (and maybe less chocolates!).

davyh said...

Happy Birthday, you old tart!

Darcy said...

Oo it is now too, isn't it. Ta very much, you've beaten the family with the salutations.

(I do feel like an old tart too).

Raggedy said...

Happy B-day from me too -- belated, but heart-felt.
There's absolutely no reason for people under 50 to feel good about themselves. I guess it's " the older the tart, the better." lol