Thursday, November 19, 2009


Marva delivered the goods in Bristol last night! Don't be fooled by some of the YouTube clips of some of her live performances over the last couple of years. I can testify that, at 65 years young, her pipes are in full working order. Wow!

Her UK dates are finished tonight in Leeds, but if you live in France or Australia she could be coming to a venue near you soon. Catch her if you can.

Here's one of her string of singles on King at the end of the sixties. Loud and raw - just like last night's gig.

Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) 1968

All things Marva can be found here.

Buy "It's My Thing".


Raggedy said...

Glad you had a good time!
I think I'll have to move away from Texas ... there's absolutely nothing going on here.

Darcy said...

I live in a fairly sizeable city Raggedy so there are always possibilities, and the choice is getting better too, lately. But if I went out every night I would soon be skint – and the magic would wear off too, I think.

Of course my dream is to take a road trip across America on the old blue highways and drop in on out of the way roadhouses (in states such as Texas) with a little band playing blues, soul, country, bluegrass, zydeco or whatever.

ally. said...

hot damn but she really can belt 'em out can't she

top class

Darcy said...

Ally: I think at one point during the show I turned to my friend and uttered those exact words!