Thursday, September 17, 2009

you see doctor it's like this...

... I keep going to these car boot sales and – er – I keep buying these vinyl records only this time I bought these three singles and I knew I already had one of them and I knew I already had another one on an album and I thought I didn’t have the other one but when I got home I found that I did already have it.

Doctor: “So, what made you buy these records?”

Ah well they are great tracks and I couldn’t stand the thought of them being thrown away they needed a home and then with the one I didn’t think I had it had lots of scratches on it but they looked sort of superficial and I thought wouldn’t it be good if I got it home and it played ok and it did and I found that of the ones I already had they were on US labels and these ones I had just bought were on UK labels so that made me feel better about it

Doctor “Hmmm. Anything else?”

Well there was the Delfonics album which had a number of tracks on it that I already have on a CD but this album was a UK Bell release and I thought it must be fairly rare and it was only 20p and then there was this 1970 Roy Harper album I got all excited about I gave it a good look over and thought it looked like a first issue and I thought I could sell this for a profit but when I got it home I spotted the big bar code in the top right corner on the back of the sleeve that I hadn’t noticed before! doh! but I played it and it was really good and I wouldn’t want to sell it anyway.

Doctor: “Well, you rationalised all that really well, you’re obviously completely obsessed! How much did this lot cost you anyway?”

Altogether £1.65p

Doctor: “Oh stop wasting my time!”

Oh so it’s ok then? and I didn’t buy any albums just for the girls on the cover this time even though I saw a couple of Top Of The Pops albums I hadn’t seen before so that’s good too.

Doctor: “Oh, which ones have you got? Can I come round and see them sometime?”

This weeks monkeys:
Betty Wright – Where Is the Love (UK RCA 45)
Le Pamplemousse – Get Your Boom Boom Around The Room Room (UK Barclay 45)
Roxy Music – Street Life (UK Island 45)
The Delfonics – Alive & Kicking (UK Bell LP)
Roy Harper – Flat Baroque And Berserk (UK Harvest LP)

Acquiring this Betty Wright 45 again turned out to be a real blessing because it meant this time around I played the B side and found it to be a hidden gem that is not on any of Betty’s albums as far as I can tell, Betty is in fine voice as always and just listen to that bass crawling all over this track! The A side has always been a favourite, so a great double header that anybody could pick up for next to nothing.

Betty Wright – Where Is The Love 1974

Betty Wright – My Baby Aint My Baby Anymore 1975

Betty Wright on Amazon


Raggedy said...

Nice doc. you have! *smiles*
Thanks for the Betty Wright songs, I didn't know them before. I love them.

Davy H said...

The Roy contains 'Another Day' does it not? Which is just about the best song I've ever heard from anyone, ever*

*opinions are liable to change; your home is at risk if you do not maintain payments; calls made after 8pm will not count but may still be charged; terms & conditions apply.

Darcy said...

Raggedy: Yes I really like my doctor, he tells me everything I want to hear :-)

Davy: Yes you're right 1st track on side 2 which is a belter all through - better than side 1 where he gets a bit too political for my liking at times.

Funky-Soul-Vinyls said...

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