Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magic in the air

I’m “bumping” this (as on-line forum-speak has it).

I have Ben The Balladeer to thank for bringing it to my attention.


I can only wish I had been there. There is something deeply moving about watching this footage. It is as if, for the massed crowd, and for the surrounding hills, and for all the life that those hills contain, time is standing still and everybody and everything are held, awestruck, aware only that they are witnessing something very, very special.

For those in the crowd Candi’s performance probably simultaneously made their day and ruined their weekend. Ruined their weekend because everything that they may have seen before would have been eclipsed and anything that followed must have felt anticlimatic.

From the SOUL!


drew said...

Absolutely wonderful. Really regretting not getting off my lazy arse and seeing her the last time she was in Glasgow now.

Davy H said...

Someone ever asks you what 'soul' music is, just show them this.

Jingles said...

Wonderful! Really Wonderful! The music that touches the soul! Thanks for sharing with us!

mike_hunkin said...

Darcy, you might be interested in this interview with Candi, I just stumbled across it via Z Records message board.