Sunday, July 26, 2009

(In my case): pleased with my junk and covered in loft dust

It seems I’ve spent almost the entire weekend surrounded by junk – other peoples and mine. First of all I took in two car boot sales in search of the holy vinyl. Not much to report unfortunately, but for the record here is what I invested in this time around:

Stevie Wonder – Fulfillingness’ First Finale LP (1st issue)
Gruppo Sportivo – 10 Mistakes LP (remembered this group from John Peel shows – good fun)
Elton John – Honky Chateau LP (I have all Elton’s earlier albums on vinyl except this one which I bought on the then new fangled musicassette. Have been on the look out for vinyl copy recently to fill my collection. Bought this copy for the cover - the original gatefold one still complete with it’s extra flap thingy- which was in perfect shape. Alas, more than can be said for the record itself. Still, half way there)
Hot Hits 11 – LP & Capitol’s Country Festival LP (bought these for the covers – they both have, ahem, pretty girls on them. I have to say I’m getting a bit worried about this trend in my record buying!)

Today turned into a rainy day in (last year at about this time I posted Gwen McCrae’s “It Keeps On Raining” and said ‘rain rain go away come again another day – preferably next year’. So the washout July - in the west of the UK at least - is all my fault!). So what else to do on a rainy day in but have a tidy up? In my case, as I am a hoarder, a “tidy up” essentially means rearranging the various junk lying around the house as opposed to actually throwing any of it away. This can lead to some tense moments with Mrs Darce who is at the other end of the spectrum and whose motto is “get rid”. The tidy up process typically takes most of the day as I frequently pause to read an old magazine, build a lego model – or look at my old music cassettes (of course).

And so it was today that I came across one of my John Peel show compilations AND an old Sony Walkman cassette player! It had to be done – I put some new batteries in the Walkman, hooked it up to our DAB radio and was transported back to the Spring of 1979 and a blinding selection of reggae, punk, and a dash of r&b and funk. Most of the tracks are very professionally faded in and out (even if I say so myself – I’ve no idea now how I did that) so not much is heard of John Peel - but enough, as you can hear below. I’ve played this tape through twice today now and I was moved enough to wipe the dust off hi-fi cassette deck and hook it up so I could transport you back to 1979 too for some long overdue reggae here on Feel It.

Jimmy Riley – Complain1979 (you can just hear John Peel in the fadeout, and he’s right!)

Culture – Down In Jamaica 1979

Judah Eskender – Danger In Your Eyes 1979 (with John Peel at the end)

John Peel (the man himself!) Spring 1979 (mp3)

My quest now starts to find the Jimmy Riley and Judah Eskender tracks on 12". It could take a long time.


Davy H said...

Great stuff Darce, lovin' the Jimmy Riley especially.

What did you build out of Lego though?

whiteray said...

I, too, tend to just move things from one place to another when I'm pretending to straight up. It's the equivalent of pushing the squash and cauliflower around the plate while pretending to eat it. (My verification word was "splog," which absolutely should mean something.}

Darcy said...

The trouble with all the lego is that it is now all mixed up in one big box. Some of it dates back to my childhood but moist of it is my son's. We(I) have kept all the boxes and instructions (although Mrs Darce managed to persuade me to throw a few boxes away this time) but it is a nightmare trying to sort out the pieces. I am most likely to end up with a sort of amphibious crane sporting one wing, an elevated swimming pool, and side mounted rocket launcher!

Davy H said...

Cool. I always seem to make Star Wars-style intergalactic cruisers. They're a breeze!

BingoBongo said...

Hi Darcy,

Just thought i'd let you know (since a few of your last posts were based around him) i heard that terry callier may be planning a few shows worldwide including the usa and the uk.

Great blog, thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Darce, and nice blog....

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