Saturday, August 01, 2009

A sweet tooth

As befits my age I no longer take sugar in tea or coffee. On the other hand I can’t get enough Candi.

I took this picture last night at the Bristol Harbour Festival (it was my son’s camera and I didn’t know how to use it, so it is amazing that anything half way reasonable came out. And who is that on keyboards? - Mick Talbot).

I can’t quite believe it – until this year I had never seen Candi Staton live, now I have seen her twice, both times in my home town, and heard her utter the words (full of soul, of course) “I love you Bristol”!

We love you, Candi.

I know Candi has a strong faith, and I think she demonstrated that last night – true to form for another disappointing summer in these parts it was raining in Bristol, but as she came on stage the rain eased off almost completely, only to return to the really wet stuff after she completed her set!

Be assured, at 66 Candi is still sockin’soul to you!

Candi Staton – Do It In The Name Of Love 1972

(For some reason only the B side of this single was included on Honest Jon’s essential 2004 compilation of her Fame output. The only CD compilation I know this track is on is “Candi Staton – Top 20 Greatest Hits” on Black Tulip, if you can find it. But Candi’s original singles can be picked up for very little money, so go on, buy vinyl, you know it sounds even better that way.)


Davy H said...

Mick Talbot looks older than Candi!

Really glad you got there; love the track.

whiteray said...

Great choice, Darcy. Must have been a fine show!

drew said...

I keep kicking myself for missing her when she came to Glasgow.

Raggedy said...

Hi! Thanks for the nice wb comment on SOTS.
It looks as though quitting to blog is as difficult as quitting to smoke!

Candi is one of the few female singers whose voice has not deteriorated over the years, imo. I would even say that it has become "cleaner" (for the lack of a better expression.) Looks like the sharp edges are gone, and what's left is a beautiful mature feminine voice.