Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haircut - 100(p)

I was so bored at work on Monday I took a day off today to get on with some household stuff. We are fast running out of storage space so I decided it was time to board the loft space over our kitchen extension. Not very exciting I know, but more exciting than the office at the moment.

Managed to fit in a haircut as well and on the way I dropped into a few charity shops (like you do).

I was taken by the cover of this LP by Luiz Loy (and His Set) but if I hadn’t seen that it was 4 records for £1 I might have left it on the shelf. I found a Donnie Elbert single (a good B side as it turns out which I may feature at some point) but was struggling to find another two records for my £1. In the end I settled on (another) Shirley Bassey LP (I've learnt that there are often hidden gems on Shirl's LPs - although not in this case) and Boney M's Nightflight To Venus (yes, I was really struggling by then).

Anyway, back to Luiz Loy. This LP was released in 1969 in his native Brazil and in 1970 here in the UK by the looks of things. I'll be honest I bought this for the cover, but it turns out there are a few decent tracks in the grooves. It sounds like a mix of two completely different albums - there are some very cheesy instrumental versions of the likes of "Judy In Disguise" and "With A Little Help From My Friends" but also some "proper" Brazilia with the cover girls(?) on vocals. Definitely worth the money - and the haircut.

Luiz Loy e seu Conjunto - Chove-Chuva 1969

(from the LP "Balanco pra Frente")

As a bonus (think of it as a little hair tonic), whilst searching for more on Luiz Loy on t'net I stumbled across these two tracks which are both gorgeous and I think need to be shared:

Who will be the first to say what the Judy Roberts track is a dead ringer for?


Davy H said...

A haircut! A charity shop rummage! These are two things that always make a person feel good, I find.

I don't know what the Judy Roberts track is a dead ringer for, but it does sound familiar.

Darcy said...

Davy H: Judy Roberts track is dead ringer for Lonnie Liston Smith's "Expansions" I think (I think you probably have that on your jazz-funk compilation you blogged about sometime ago).

Davy H said...