Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tapping My Feet #9

So I did some distinctly non-technical prodding, pulling, and wiggling of the cartridge connection wires on my turntable and I now at least have sound consistently coming out of both speakers again. But my feeling is the bass is not as good as it was. Ah – perception: the graveyard of fact. I’m on the slippery slope now, I can tell its going to be a new turntable for me soon.

The track offered up here was probably not the best one to test out the hi-fi with. There was definitely some knob twiddling going on in this remix.

A bona fide classic, and a perfect marriage of soul and disco.

Incidentally I’ve just noticed on the label the track time is quoted as “6.27 (Approx.)”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time quoted like that on a record before, but it makes perfect sense because in my experience many track timings are somewhat inaccurate. They’re certainly right to use it here because I reckon it clocks in at 6.17 (about).

There is a good and concise write up on Crown Heights Affair here, and if you follow the “buy the CD” trail through from that location you could end up buying “Crown Heights Affair – 100% Essential New York Disco” for next to nothing. Go on, treat yourself to some top drawer disco soul.

Crown Heights Affair – Say A Prayer For Two 1978

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