Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parish Notices #5

Well over a week between posts, and then all I can muster is a Parish Notice. Are things going a bit flat around here? Well, as a matter of fact, yes. After all, it’s not as if I haven’t had the time for general bloggery. The only excuse I can offer is that it’s been mighty chilly lately, our lounge is nice and cosy, and that’s where the computer isn’t. Hardly cuts it as an excuse does it?

Every now and then keeping this blog going starts to feel like a duty rather than a labour of love, and right about now I feel like putting my feet up rather than posts. A temporary dip, or something more permanent? Just a dip I think (hope), because I do enjoy doing this most of the time.

The last time I felt like this I just changed this blog's layout and added Candi’s picture to the banner and I was off and running again. A change is as good as rest as they say. Lately I’ve found myself once more thinking about a change. How this might manifest itself I’m still not sure. It’s possible I might start a couple more blogs alongside Feel It with different slants (still musical) and go for shorter, even wordless, posts across the board. Thanks to the global downturn and all that b*llocks I will be enjoying an enforced, longer than normal, Christmas break from work this year, so maybe that will be the perfect time to crystallise some of these thoughts and take some action. Of course it’s just as likely that I will emerge out of my blogging trough and Feel It will carry on carrying on completely unchanged (and not unloved).

My blogging malaise hasn’t stopped my ongoing virtual world tour of other blogs though, and, having just dipped over to one of my perennial favourites Souled On, what do you know? – Scholar is also experiencing something of a “mid-blog crisis” as he puts it. Reading his latest post is like holding a mirror up to my thoughts. This is weird because our hand wringing has coincided before (sometime last year, if memory serves). It’s as if our blogging-bio-rhythms are on exactly the same wavelength. I detect that when Scholar refers to his “mid-blog crisis” his emphasis is on the “mid” just to reassure us that he isn’t going to stop altogether – I, for one, certainly hope he keeps on keeping on. And I will borrow his term and also put emphasis on the “mid” for this particular blog (could I be feeling better already, er, well, maybe).

Hey, this all a bit ho hum, rather than ho ho ho – sorry. Let’s have some music. Scholar included a Soul Children track in his “confessional”. I am going to hold up the mirror again and follow suit. As music blogs go both Scholar’s Souled On and my Feel It are essentially soul children - so perfect symmetry!

Both tracks come from the album “Genesis” which was released in 1972, in the States at least. I can still remember where (a record shop in Cheltenham) if not exactly when ('77 or '78?) I bought this. I have just noticed that the date on my UK Stax copy of the LP is 1975, the dead wax number tends to indicate it is a first press so I guess that means it didn’t get a UK release until ’75. Why then and not before I don’t know, especially as the Soul Children’s more traditional soul/gospel sound was becoming unfashionable by then.

The Soul Children – It Hurts Me To My Heart 1972

The Soul Children - Just The One (I've Been Looking For) 1972

NOTE: Apologies if the sound isn't great. It seems the cartridge connections on my turntable are breaking down. More ho hum!


Scholar said...

What a couple of great SC tunes to have selected---more favorites of mine from their arsenal.

I think you worded your "blogger malaise" a bit more eloquently than I, but I found myself nodding in agreement throughout your entire post. I suppose we suffer from some sort of Seasonal Blogger Disorder that has heretofore remained undiscovered. Perhaps we're on to something here.

I selfishly hope that you will keep the faith, because I have truly come to appreciate your love for this music and consider you one of my most treasured brothers in the quest to keep soul alive. Your niche (if you'd allow me to attempt defining it) has always been that you have such a visceral response to music-listening that your posts always captivate and allow me to "dig deeper" in terms of my own feelings about the prized records in my collection.

Anyone can simply cut and paste album and mp3 links, but your impeccable taste and unique perspective are truly unparalleled. If there's anything I can do to inspire, encourage, support, please don't hesitate to reach out...I know you're still "feelin' it", so do what you must to rejuvenate your will.

All the best.

Your friend,comrade and admirer,


Robert Cass said...

Thanks for these songs. "Hearsay" has been one of my favorites since I first heard it ten years ago.

Darcy said...

Thanks for the kind words of support Scholar: I would say you are the more eloquent one, and nearly used that exact phrase in my post to describe you! It's good to know we're "feeling it" for each other across the water and the ether. Perhaps that's all we needed, an arm around each other's shoulder. I know I feel more positive already.

Robert: your comments are always appreciated here.

In posting this I've decided I must add some more Soul Children to my collection.