Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Compliments of the Season

I'm not one that feels it necessary to feature a Christmas song here, I think we all hear enough of them at this time of year as it is. But having said that here is Percy Sledge - ha! ha! (or groan!) a tenuous Christmas connection if ever there was one.

Davy H (thank you) over at "The Ghost" turned me on to this track some months ago as he was desperately seeking a copy. I am familiar with much of Percy's work, and have a few in my collection, but this one had escaped me. After hearing it I too put it on my list of ones to get. The other day a (nice and minty) copy finally dropped through my letter box and I have been playing it over and over these last few days.

I would just like to pass on Season's Greetings to all fellow bloggers and followers of this little indulgence. Have a good one, and 'speak' to you again soon.

Percy Sledge - Any Day Now 1969


el said...

Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2009!
El, Netherlands

Davy H said...

Nice and minty eh? Hmmm....*goes to sample with childlike anticipation of Santa treat to come*

Merry Christmas Darce and thanks so much for another year of impeccable tunes, impeccable taste - You Know You Got Soul!! X

dj fan said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a great '09 to you! Thanks for the blog - it definitely put some cheer in my '08. W.