Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tapping My Feet #1

On ebay the other week I stumbled across someone selling a large selection of late 70s/early 80s disco and jazz-funk singles. It took me back to my years spent moonlighting as a club DJ. For twenty minutes or so I happily scrolled through the list – got, got, got, haven’t got, got, wish I had, got, what happened to my copy of that/ got, haven’t got. I was briefly back in the playground again, you know, just like scanning a friend’s bubblegum cards – e.g. Batman, Man From UNCLE, Soccer Stars – conducting another swap session. We never really grow up do we? Well, I know I don’t!

It got me thinking that I have never seriously mined my own 12” collection for posts here on Feel It. So I thought I should put that right. Under the banner of Tapping My Feet (see what I’m doing there) on a fairly regular basis I’m going to throw up 12” single from back in the day. There will be minimal commentary generally. In truth it’s just a cheap way of boosting my posting frequency!

Summer suddenly burst on the scene in the UK this week. So here’s a sound where you get the feeling the sun is shining bright. Joyous!

Also, with Chelsea and Man U taking the battle for the English Premiership title into the last day of the season, the title is appropriate. (I'm off to put the blue shirt on right now!).

Norman Connors will probably be a familiar name. On the other hand Ada(ritha) Dyer, the vocalist on this track, probably isn’t. After reading this bio I for one now know much more about her.

Norman Connors (feat. Adaritha) – Take It To The Limit 1980

This track can be found on this CD


Anonymous said...

dude your blog is just fucking amazing. please keep up the good work. and maybe some time you will make a nice banner, your blog deserves it.

Darcy said...

Well, er, thanks anon.

I've been meaning to fill in the sides of the banner for ages but apart from that I have no intention of changing the banner. You do realise that is the one and only Candi Staton you're dissing. Yes my blog deserves the best banner (ha!) and it's got it!

Davy H said...

I wouldn't take advice from anyone who calls me 'dude' - but maybe I'm old fashioned that way x

Any major dude with half a heart said...

You do call me Dude though, davy...

Anyway, great song, and I didn't have it yet. Thank you. I'm looking forward to more in this series.

I created two mix-CDs of disco tunes from that era, if you're interested: