Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to now

“Back to now” was the title that immediately came to mind when I started composing this entry. But, as I typed, it was nagging away at me that I’d used this title before. So I checked – and I have. No matter, it seems perfectly appropriate so I’m happy to use it again.

Alan Wilkis sent me an email recently with a very polite request – can I send you some music?

I get my fair share of product pushing emails nowadays. Mostly the musical genres they represent have nothing to do with those I wax lyrical about hereabouts. But the emails come in, scatter gun, and impersonal. Alan’s email was different though, it definitely had a personal touch, and I immediately had a warm feeling. So I popped over to his Myspace page and listened to a few of his featured tracks. As I told Alan - the music grabbed me.

Be prepared for a (pleasant) diversion. Alan’s Myspace page chooses to define his music as electronica/classic rock. It’s not what you would generally expect to find here at Feel It for sure (it’s new for a start! ha ha!). But equally I don’t think you can so simply pigeonhole Alan’s music, so let me quote from Alan’s flyer to give you an idea:

“Babies Dream Big” is the self-produced solo debut from Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, Alan Wilkis. The album is an exercise in stylistic cross-pollination, paying homage to the soul, R&B, classic rock, and electronic music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.”

And also:

“BDB grew out of a genuine love for the pop music of the past”.

I can certainly hear echoes of ELO, Hall & Oates, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Queen, Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra(!), to name just a few. The CD holds a consistently high standard, 12 tracks (well 11 and a twiddly bit), no filler.

It’s unashamedly feel good music. It has a sunny disposition, it’s big and bright, and proudly wears a retro heart on its sleeve.

“Babies Dream Big” will be a perfect accompaniment to the rapidly approaching summer. Get yourself a copy. Jump in the car, put the top down and turn the volume up. Find your favourite park and don’t forget to take your retro ghetto-blaster with you - forget your Ipod, this music deserves to be broadcast!

Alan Wilkis – I Love The Way 2008
Alan Wilkis – Girls On Bikes 2008


Robert Cass said...

"Girls on Bikes" is great! Wilkis's voice is similar to Ben Folds's.

Egan Ehlers said...

ELO comes to mind, but only in the music. It's good. I don't know everything that's gong on in music right now, but there are definitely no contemporary bands I can think of that sound like this. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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