Sunday, June 04, 2006

What goes round...

About 15 years ago we had a cabinet made to house our already ageing hi-fi seperates (as they were called back in the day). But as the 90s wore on the cabinet sat in the corner and its contents seemed to get less and less use. Then I decided to keep tropical fish and it seemed the best place to put the tank was on top of the hi-fi cabinet. Now the cabinet had an opening top for easy access to the turntable (quaint, I know). With the fish tank on top of the cabinet there was no way to open the lid so the only way to put a record on the turntable was to feed it through a narrow gap (almost like feeding a CD player), and cueing was a nightmare. Consequently for a few years the vinyl collection was badly neglected. Then I realised you could hook up the hi-fi to a computer so the turntable and amp went upstairs to the spare room with the computer. That left the CD player and speakers in the lounge completely redundant with no amp, and that’s the way it has been for the last few years, with the hi-fi cabinet performing as nothing more than a fish tank stand and video storage.

Well finally it’s makeover time for the lounge (my project for the next few weeks). The fish tank has been moved and said cabinet has a new lease of life. It’s been moved into another room, reunited with the hi-fi equipment and hooked up with another computer. I’m working on re-introducing my original KEF speakers to the mix (they’re a bit too big for my wife’s liking), but with that done the entire hi-fi ensemble will have been reunited. Back from the dead!

(By the way I’m not a complete dinosaur – I do also have an ipod shuffle!).

You can find today’s track on the CD “James Brown – Funky Men” available at and Virgin UK

Bobby Byrd – Back From The Dead 1975


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Red Kelly said...

"Like a vampire in a horror movie, you gave me somethin' groovy!"

thanks, dude!

Chris said...

One thing that a lot of music bloggers must feel is that they are preaching to the saved in a way, like the people listening to their blogs already enjoy this kind of music...well, I'd never heard Bobby Byrd in my life before I just surfed up on your page and my head is spinning now. I just keep playing "Back from the Dead" over and over. Amazing. Thank you!