Friday, June 16, 2006

Boogie Friday sub

Life continues apace. Let’s see: the decorating isn’t done yet, due in some part to the little matter of the World Cup - there is plenty of the beautiful game to watch on TV (that’s beautiful providing you’re not watching England!). I also made a short notice business trip to Germany this week - no live football on the itinerary though :( . And the next few weekends are blocked out in the diary and will take me away from the computer. All this is a roundabout way of saying that the posts maybe a little less frequent for the next few weeks. Over at #1 Songs In Heaven London Lee is busy too it seems. It’s possible he won’t make his usual Boogie Friday post in which case you could treat this post as an able and willing sub.

Oh no! did somebody say disco? Don’t be put off by the title, this one’s a banger. You are propelled along with an almost frantic disco beat and, granted, there are some fairly derivative girly vocals to begin with, but stick with it. Two and a half minutes in Sil Austin’s sax throws of the shackles, a haunting synth underpins the whole thing, and the rest is pure jazz-funk magic. As far as I know this never came out on 12” and if it had I am sure it would have found a wider audience and would now be regularly hailed as a classic.

Sil Austin - Disco Music 1976


Rob Whatman said...

Great piece of jazz-funk, the horns are fantastic. Thanks for listing my blog page, Darcy, by the way! Happy World Cup watching!

dirtyhans said...

Hi. Can you please put this up again? Really need it and Ive been looking everywhere!!!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re up!!!!!