Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reggae and decorating

Busy busy this week. The lounge makeover has been going well. I set the pasting table up on the patio so managing to do two things at once – decorating and sun bathing. It’s been a great week weather wise - wall to wall sunshine. Inevitably the sunshine led me to put some reggae on the CD player. So with a pasting brush in one hand and a bottle of Stella in the other it’s been all good.

My other obsession this past couple of weeks has been trying to complete a set of Panini World Cup football stickers (I know, I’m a grown man and I should know better). Well, as I write this I’m down to needing just three more to finish the collection after some, at times, frenzied swapping on ebay (I need numbers 319, 324, 388 if anybody would like to make a donation). An interesting use of ebay and one I’m not sure they would particularly condone, although I suppose they do get the seller’s advertising fee.

So, short on the words this week but here’s a splash of reggae. I used to play Errol Dunkley’s “A Little Way Different” to death at a club I used to DJ at back in the day. It was blasting out of the speakers again this week as another piece of paper went up (just about straight). You can find it on OK Fred: The Best Of Errol Dunkley although I’m not sure if it’s the full 12” version as featured in this post. The full version is on Reggae Classics – Serious Selections Vol. 2 – RewindSelecta but I think this CD is now out of print.

Errol Dunkley – A Little Way Different 1978

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