Saturday, March 05, 2016

Back in the saddle

Wow! What happened to February. Lots of stuff going on (in a good way mostly), and busy at work too (for a change). During such times the blog has to take a back seat. Hunting for, or even playing, vinyl doesn't get much of a look in either. Something approaching normal service should be resumed now though.

These pictures document a little haul of cheap 45s picked up a couple of weeks ago at the little local record fair I've mentioned on more than one occasion here before. I have come away from recent visits each time expecting it to be the last time I manage to mine any Soul, but I keep going back and keep getting proved wrong. Very pleased with this little lot. Had I flicked past all of these on previous visits? It's possible, but I think most of these I hadn't seen before, so there is hope for the next time. These 45s were just about my first vinyl purchases (of any variety) of the year. For me it has indeed been quiet on the vinyl front of late. Acquisitions are starting to be made again now but I have resolved to be more selective with my purchases (especially at the charity shops and car boot sales) this year; space - i.e. the lack of it - is now a serious problem. Let's see though, addictions are hard to crack!

More from this little haul in forthcoming posts. 


drew said...

Good to have you back Darcy. I am beginning to have similar vinyl storage issues . There is much muttering and grumbling coming from L.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gloria Lynne ! ---- Thanks for all you share with us, as usual. Ravel, Montreal, Quebec :-)

George said...

Great song Darcy
Are you able to tell us what the Gloria Lynne comment means? Is there some cryptic message hidden there?

Darcy said...

George: Ravel has excellent eyesight. One of the records in the picture is by Gloria Lynne, and I also think we may have discussed her here before.

Ravel: Before you made your comment I had already decided the Gloria Lynne 45 would be the next one featured!

Thanks to all for your comments.

George said...

Thanks Darcy.

charity chic said...

I have resolved to be more selective with my purchases
A resolution that is all too easily broken in my case Darcy