Sunday, March 13, 2016


This blog is 10 years old today!

It was inconceivable to me back in 2006 that, 10 years later, Feel It would still be alive. So I had been wondering lately how to mark this occasion. A mix of a few things that have appeared here down the years, maybe one from each year? Perhaps some discussion on  how the internet has continued to change the way we discover, and listen to, music in the years since this blog was born? 

Nice ideas, but time is short - my life in general continues to be pretty busy at the moment. And there's the rub. Maybe I'm not quite as enthusiastic about this little project as I once was because I  am managing to do neither of the things mentioned above, which a landmark such as this should surely warrant.

Instead I will just mark another year of operation of this blog in the usual way... by thanking you for still dropping by, letting you know I'm not intending to hang up the closed sign yet... and wishing Candi Staton a Happy Birthday.



charity chic said...

10 years Darcy.bloody hell that's impressive! well done. Keep on keeping on

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Thanx for the stuff X

C said...

Sorry I've come to this post late, but big congratulations! I didn't even know there was such a thing as blogging 10 years ago ;-)

Glad to know you're staying with it too.

rob said...

And what a great blog it is - thank you so much!