Friday, February 20, 2015

An extraordinary goose

It wasn’t so many years ago that I had never seen one of my long time musical idols, Candi Staton. Then, I couldn’t quite believe it, she came to my hometown, and there I was one evening standing in a crowd of people (and next to Mrs Darce who I had dragged along) staring up at Candi on the stage. Something I never thought I would do – certainly not in my hometown.

Well it’s time for those feelings all over again as another one my musical idols is coming to town. The other day I bought my ticket to see George Clinton and the 21st Century incarnation of Parliament/Funkadelic.

In celebration of this fact I decided it was high time I fleshed out my Parliaments' singles collection a bit more. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg was one of their numbers that had previously left me, not cold, but a bit luke warm. What had I been thinking?! I played it again the other day (from a CD comp) and bang! the full crazed majesty of it finally hit me. So I had to go and source a copy of the 45, and here it is, on that wonderfully lysergic Revilot label, for your listening pleasure.

The Goose was released in February 1968 and on it you can hear the full on collision of George and The Parliaments earlier doo wop and soul style with modish stoned psychedelic rock influenced sounds they would go on to explore to the max as they first dropped the s from their name (the album Osmium in 1970) and then transported (temporarily) into Funkadelic land in the early Seventies.

Will they play The Goose on stage in April? I hope so, but they have new material to plug so I’m not sure how much of their older material will feature. Of course in true Parliafunkadelicment fashion they could choose to give us a reimagined - 21st century - version. The Goose made an appearance on their 1974 album Up For The Down Stroke, and another, organ drenched, Funkadelic wig out exists too from an indeterminate time in the PFunk continuum.

I’m as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine J      

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love it. thanks from Boston, MA, US