Friday, September 12, 2014

That September feeling

It is well documented around this particular nook of the interweb that September is my favourite month. Once again this year the UK weather has come up trumps, lots of sunshine and still, quiet days - perfect.

As the sun goes down on another benign September day I thought something in a Lovers Rock vein would be in keeping. 

As usual, reggae has been difficult to find in my car boot sale trawls this year. Strangely, on just about every occasion I have found a record in said genre (and most I have found have been far from mainstream) it has been a lone jewel in a stack of 70s and 80s pop/rock ballast. This is another one from the stacks I featured recently and, now, I'm getting a bit confused, but I think this 12" was again a lonely reggae orphan. I like to think I rescued it and now it can feel at home nestling within my small but treasured collection of 12" reggae singles.

I love the somewhat restrained deejay vocalising featured in the second half of this track, performed by George Nooks aka Prince Mohammed who was also the featured deejay on Dennis Brown's late 70s classics Money In My Pocket and How Can I Leave among other songs. June Lodge's Wiki page contains an interesting back story to this record and this is where I also learnt that this song was originally a country & western hit for Charley Pride.     

JuneLodge feat. Prince Mohammed - Someone Loves You Honey  1980*

* Originally released in 1980 in JA, this reached #5 in the Dutch charts in 1982. My copy is dated 1984, doesn't credit the good Prince and I assume is a UK press.          

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