Saturday, September 27, 2014

10-13-69 : 20-12-6

Here’s a little ‘un I was really pleased to pick up recently. I have gained extra pleasure from it because, unusually for an obscure soul record, it was a real world find as opposed to an on-line one. I found it at the local Rock & Roll slanted record fair that occurs downtown about once a quarter. One or two dealers usually have a few boxes of Soul and that is where I can be found, digging away. I’m getting to recognise many of the records now, but a few different ones turn up now and then, enough to keep me happy. This time one of the dealers lent me his portable deck and ‘phones so I could check the records to my heart’s content rather than try to jump in on the main room deck. 
This is late era Jackie Day, a singer I should really get better acquainted with. This great track was, unbelievably, buried on the B side of a 1969 Speciality 45.
This copy is a promo and the DJ or record company helpfully scribed on the label the exact day of release, or at least the day it landed in the DJ’s hot box: 13th October 1969.

The significance of 20-12-6? Well, looking at the sleeve it would appear this was first up for sale at 20 ($ or £ I know not), then marked down to £12, and I picked it up for £6. £6 well spent I think.   

PS: Mrs Darce and I are off on our hols tomorrow – to Turkey, and taking in Istanbul. Things will therefore be quiet around here for a couple of weeks. Back on the weekend of the 45th anniversary of this record! 


george said...

What a good song. I had no idea Specialty still released records in the late 1960s. Enjoy Turkey

drew said...

That is a cracker of a find. Enjoy your holiday.

Anonymous said...
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