Friday, March 14, 2014

The Friday double feature

A bonus of this new Friday affair where I feature both sides of a 45 is that it leads me to some great B sides that have previously remained hidden in my own collection.

Here’s a case in point. Today, frankly, I have been struggling to find the right record to feature, to the point where the table is now strewn with records, some still not put back in their sleeves (shock, horror). I’d been rummaging through a T-Z box and pulled out this Kim Weston 45. I seemed to remember the A side had had an outing on Feel It before, and indeed it has – way back in the same month 7(!) years ago. I gave it a spin anyway and found a little gem of a B side. That was enough to make my mind up that this was going to be tonight’s double header.  

A “cheap as chips” 45 that everybody could, and should, own.

The A:


drew said...

I've never heard the flip before. That is way tasty and just purchased.

Darcy said...

It's great isn't it? I've just played it again... and again.

george said...

That A side is terrific.

george said...

........and that B side is QUALITY

george said...

and that Candi Statton song is fantastic