Thursday, March 13, 2014


Another year has flown by and this blog is now 8 years old! This of course means we must also wish Candi Staton a “happy birthday” today. 

I have seen a couple of different years stated as her year of birth* but if we accept the generally quoted one then Candi is now 71. Borrowing loosely from numerology if you add up the two digits of her age you get 8 and so it is I realise this is now the second year of a decade where Candi’s age and the age of this blog  - which was deliberately launched on her birthday – are so aligned.  I realise this is of no consequence whatsoever, but being a massive fan of Ms Staton you can perhaps understand I draw some enjoyment from this worthless fact.

I certainly hope that Candi will still be with us when she reaches 79 (and I hope I am still knocking around then too!), but I wonder, will this blog still be alive another 8 years hence? It would be nice to think so but I somehow think it will be a miracle if my publishing enthusiasm endures for that long, and also if people like you will still be interested in reading something so quaint as a blog!   
We shall see. 

A big thank you to all of you who continue to drop by.

Here is a track from the 1974 album simply entitled "Candi". This was the first, and for many years only, Candi Staton album I owned.

(Unfortunately I continue to shy away from giving you anything other than a Youtube clip of a Candi track nowadays after a takedown request a couple of years ago.)     

*I have just noticed that her Wiki entry now states 1940 but I think it used to say 1943 which is the year I have always had in my head)


davyh said...

Many Happy Returns Darce, you continue to define all that is ace in music blogging. Enjoy the 'difficult' 8th year, which seems to have proved too difficult for me, at least x

Darcy said...

Thanks Davy. Good to hear from you and to know you are still "knocking around". Hope you and the family are all good. (I know, if I joined Twitter I could be in chat contact).

drew said...

All the best Darce and I will raise a toast to many more posts

Luca said...

Happy birthday (sorry for being late, had a lot to do this weekend..)and a big thank you for getting me to know a lot of amazingly good tunes. Please don't follow that soft southern jessie blogger Davyh's footsteps!

Darcy said...

Thanks Drew and Luca.
Don't be too hard on DavhH, Luca. Although I've never met him I do believe him to be a "top bloke" he's just been consumed by Twitter :)