Saturday, June 08, 2013

Three Ounces Of Love

Off air for a while there. Blame the sunshine.

Visited a couple of low key carboots today in an effort to avoid the “usual suspect” dealers and collectors who almost inevitably seem to just beat me to the vinyl stacks.  

Picked up this one – a Motown album from 1978. I wasn’t expecting much in truth, the cover was anonymous and the year suggested bland disco-esque workouts would lie within.

How wrong I was, and how much I enjoyed this whole LP when I got it home.
Plenty of names in the writing and production/arranging credits – e.g. Pam Sawyer, H-D-H, Mike & Brenda Sutton to name a few – but no clue as to the identity of Three Ounces Of Love save for the picture in the pendant.

A bit of googling around tells me that Three Ounces Of Love were three sisters – Ann, Elaine, and Regina Alexander – Detroit girls who were, by all accounts, slim and petite, hence the “three ounces” I guess. 

Listening to this album the similarity to The Emotions is undeniable. There is a nice mix of the uptempo, mid tempo and ballad and it’s a mystery why Motown put so little effort into the cover – nowhere do the Alexander sisters get a namecheck and their only picture (shown) is a small affair relegated to the back cover.   

“Star Love” opens the album and was a single. The “star love” chant on this track is driving me mad – it reminds me of something else, and something well known too I think, but I can’t bring it to mind. Help me, please!

“Today Will Soon Be Yesterday” closes the album and unfortunately the title would predict Three Ounces Of Love’s future tenure at Motown. Motown’s loss, and fault? A shame.  

Checking YouTube for other tracks of theirs I stumbled on an obscure local label – Ecology out of Souhfield Michigan - 45 issue that is really nice and must predate their Motown album by some years I would guess.

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TomatoTom123 said...

Yes! What a great article. The Three Ounces were just a fantastic group and never got the success they deserved at Motown. My favourite of theirs is "I Found The Feeling"... groovy!