Monday, June 24, 2013

Bobby Bland (1930-2013)

You will notice I am sold on Soul. It has become an obsession with me now. Marry an obsession with a collector instinct and it was inevitable that I would start seeking out more and more obscure examples of my chosen passion. The trouble with that is that sometimes you overlook what is right under your nose. So it is with me and Bobby Bland.     

I first became aware of Bobby Bland in the mid Seventies when I bought his “Dreamer” album as a cut out, I think this purchase was the result of me hearing the wonderful “Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City”. So I really have no excuse for then virtually ignoring his extensive body of work for the next few decades.

Then, earlier this year, I dug out that Dreamer album and gave it another spin, kicked myself, and vowed to give his work some proper attention.
So it is, finally, I have come to realise what a great blues, soul, R&B – call it what you will – singer Bobby Bland was - yes, was. I bought these two singles only last week, and now I read that Bobby passed away yesterday at the age of 83.

I’m a bit late in saying this - but thank you for the music Bobby.     


davyh said...

RIP Mr B. Whatta voice.

Soul Music Songs said...

Thanks for the song "How Does A Cheating Woman Feel"
My favorite Bobby BLue Balnd song is Yolanda

drew said...

Darcy check out Musicstack for that Gloria Scott album

Darcy said...

SMS - Yes Yolanda is great and from the "Dreamer" album. Playing it agian just now - "I Wouldn't Treat A Dog" is another great one from that album.

Raggedy said...

Hi! Bobby "Blue" was my fav. blues singer. (Hubby even nicknamed me after "Blue" lol) It is a bit eery to think that I just visited Memphis/TN where Bobby was omnipresent, so to speak. I even drove through Germantown, the part of Memphis where he died.
I am genuinely saddened.

Darcy said...

Hi Raggedy! You just visited Germantown, I just bought BB 45s. Strange, and sad, as you say.