Monday, January 02, 2012

Lap wars

I’ve had some technical difficulties recently….!

She managed to disable the mousepad, which makes sense I suppose. This new found technical prowess has really gone to her head. Here she is setting up a series link to Top Cat:

Lucy is her name. I have been warned!

Rhetta has a great voice, Jo Armstead is the composer, and Mike Terry is the arranger. This track has it all - and the intro is just stunning. This got a 45 release on the wonderfully named Tetragrammaton label. Recently it appeared on the excellent compilation Sister Funk 2. My tonearm swings back and forth on this one, I fear the disc is pressed off centre but as Rhetta Hughes is the first track we just about get away with it here.

Happy New Year to you all.

1 comment:

davyh said...

Yes, I can detect the swing in yer tone-arm from here Darce. And I have cats on keyboard issues too. HNY x