Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Help! : a mystery track

I thought I had bought this:

But when I played it it was this:

mystery track 1969 (UPDATE: now identified as Billy Butler & Infinity "Soulation" the B side of "That Aint Water That's Pollution" released on Mercury in 1970).

To look at, the 45 is Fountain FOA-1102 - the other side of the 45 is what it is supposed to be i.e. Infinity "Get On The Case", and the etched matrix numbers in the dead wax agree with the labels on both sides so there is no clue there.

It sounds like they are singing "soulation", but googling that doesn't help.

It's possible, I suppose, the group singing is Infinity although the style is somewhat different. 

The mystery track is worth hearing but I just wish it had replaced "Get On The Case" instead of  "Keep It To Yourself", which is a really nice track.

Can anybody identify this track? Please!   

UPDATE: Thanks to Ana and Johnny (see comments) and Colin Dilnot via email for identifying this track for me. I also found another link (now mislaid!) that gave a bio of Billy Butler and stated that Stax were caught by surprise by the success of the Fountain release and couldn't press them quick enough. So in their haste to get some more pressed I guess they must have sent out the wrong master for the B side! I wonder how many more mispressed Fountain FOA-1102 45s are still out there? 


ana-b said...

Yep, that's a mystery....or two...or three.

Like you, I can't find any reference to a song called "Soulation"......

Except here.

This sounds like a pumped up loop of the drum break in "Soulation"....and while it may not be 100% clear from the labeling, the guy is definitely crediting Infinity with "Soulation" [check his other loops and you'll see what I mean].

By no means definitive, but that's all I've got.

Btw, I think you got the better part of the deal.

darcy said...

Wow, thanks for that Ana. I had done a quick trawl of youtube but missed that. As you say looks like it is an Infinity track then. I wonder where the youtube guy got it from. I certainly can't find any mention of it anywhere else. Have put out a few feelers.

ana-b said...

It occurs to me that the guy who posted the loop might have a copy of the record like yours.....and then just assumed the song was by Infinity and decided the name is "Soulation"....much as many might do.

How about sending him a message via youtube?

Johnnie K said...

The song is Soulsation which is the b-side of Infinity’s following single on Mercury 73057 – That Ain’t Water That’s Pollution / Soulsation – 1970. See: http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/bbutler.htm: From Johnnie K Auckland New Zealand

ana-b said...

Very nice. Helps if you can find a complete discography...the two I looked at didn't list a second side on Mercury 73057.

However, that still doesn't solve the mystery of why "Soulation" shows up on this particular 45.

Darcy said...

Thanks Ana for more sleuthing and Johnny for the ident. (And thanks also to Colin Dilnot who also identified the track via email).

Doh! I had got as far as making the link from Infinity to Billy Butler but then didn't think to look up Billy on soulfulkindamusic - a site that I often visit.