Friday, December 09, 2011

Feel It Advent...ure 9. First Choice

We got one of those new fangled Tivo boxes installed today. We can now get YouTube on the tele. It's a bit painful typing in the searches but I gave it a go. Earlier this week Blue Magic set me off on a Philly tip and yesterday I homed in on First Choice, so they were, appropriately I suppose, the first thing I looked up and listened to on YouTeletube. I'm true to type - get some new technology and the first thing I do is use it to listen to some 30 something year old music.

I have come to realise that I massively underrated this group back in the Seventies. Their 45s are always good value as the B sides never seem to be throwaways, Here's a great double sider of theirs from 1973. The A side will no doubt be familiar but the B side may not. Make sure you give it a listen, it's beautiful. 

First Choice - Armed & Extremely Dangerous 1973

First Choice - Gonna Keep On Lovin' Him 1973

Behind door #9: Christmas pudding. (The novelty's worn off  with this little feature. I will keep on eating the chocolate but let you guess what form it is in from now on). 

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