Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feel It Advent...ure 17. Shalamar

It’s Saturday night so let’s dance!

Sometimes I try to pinpoint exactly when I put the brake on spinning the wheels of steel and hung up the DJ headphones. Looking at my collection of Shalamar singles helps a bit. I have “Take That To The Bank” (1977/8 – definitely from the mobile days) and “I Owe You One” (1980) and “Make That Move” (1981) on 12” singles but “There It Is” and “I Can Make You Feel Good” (1982) are only on 7”. So that narrows it down to sometime in 1981 I reckon.

I was going to put up “I Owe You One” – even now opening up the 12” case the smell of the club still hits me – but in the end it has to be “There It Is” which is just a brilliant pop/soul/disco record.

Looking at Shalamar’s chart history it is apparent just how much the UK loved them. Here you can see John Peel(!) introducing them on Top Of The Pops.

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