Friday, June 24, 2011

Beside myself : Friday version

The B side of a Reggae record is usually where you will find the dub, or a version. In Augustus Pablo's case, on this 45, the dub - "King Tubby Meets The Rockers Up Town" - was so mighty Island flipped it and put it on the A side. This was the dub that got me hooked on Reggae.

On the B side Jacob Miller sings the original (or is it  the original? because invariably, where Reggae is concerned, there is always another version).  And it is every bit as mighty.

Sorry about the stuttering start. What was I thinking about 30 something years ago when I put this in a poly lined cardboard sleeve and sellotaped the top edges in an attempt to protect the record from card scuffs?     

Off to a houseparty in a few minutes. Unfortunately I doubt there will be much, if any, Reggae played. This will keep me going though...

Augustus Pablo / Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So 1975


davyh said...

Well, I never knew that. Bloody marvellous.

sewa mobil said...

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