Saturday, April 16, 2011

RSD - something to remember you by

I missed Record Store Day last year but today I participated, and of course bought a record. Just the one, amazingly, but a good one and it feels like two because both sides are strong.

“St Nicks” Market in Bristol is full of interesting stalls and small independent shops including a few  record shops. Today they promoted Record Store Day with a mini sound system playing some cool reggae (in all its flavours) and soul sounds all afternoon. A great setting, and some great sounds. (The only shame as far as I was concerned was that Mrs Darce wasn’t with me to chill as she is currently on her annual jaunt to Turkey with her bestest friend).     

I would have liked to have bought some reggae but it’s all so expensive. (In truth I could have bought any number of new 45 presses at £4 each but I’m getting picky in my record buying – I want the originals, but can’t afford them – stupid, I know).

Still, I’m more than pleased with my purchase. After digging through a few boxes in Wanted Records I found this Marvin Smith 45. I featured a Marvin Smith 45 not too long ago and today I found another one of his Brunswick releases (there were only four). I had not heard either side of this 45 before so it was a real bonus to find it.

So this is something to remember Record Store Day 2011 by.

Marvin Smith – Love Aint Nothing But Pain  1967

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Anonymous said...

Nice one. I like the few tracks of his I've heard. Thanks, as always. W.